to use the Tawi Stove

Before you fire-up your stove you have to put it together; the short video below will show you how.


Farming Carbon!

The Tawi Stove requires some getting used to, but after that it is very easy to operate. Please watch the videos below for detailed instructions. The main instruction video shows you how to operate your stove using sticks you have collected yourself.  Also watch the ‘kindling wood lighting instructions’ if you want to operate your stove using commercially available kindling rather than your own sticks.

Schematic of the Tawi stove



These operating instructions detail exactly how to use the Tawi Stove safely. A copy of these instructions is included with every Tawi Stove. 


As stated above, please read the instruction manual carefully and watch the instruction video before using your Tawi Stove. Every effort has been made to make the Tawi Stove as safe and user friendly as possible, but it still has a live flame and reaches very high temperatures. 

DO NOT use indoors – the Tawi stove does not produce any smoke when operated correctly, but it may still produce potentially toxic fumes. Only use outdoors in a well ventilated area. 

DO NOT move during operation – the stove will become very hot. Place it on a stable surface before lighting it and allow it to cool completely after use before attempting to move it. 

DO NOT use spirit or petrol for lighting or re-lighting – only use firelighters which comply with EN 1860-3. 

Keep children and pets away – the outside of the Tawi stove can become extremely hot to touch. Keep chilcren and pets away from the stove when it is lit. 

We conducted a carbon monoxide safety test on the Tawi stove; see the results here.

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