Greenway Tawi Stove



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The Greenway Tawi Stove operates in the same manner as the ESSE Tawi with four versatile cooking surfaces; wood-gas burner, boiling plate, warming plate and grill. The Greenway can be sighted on a sturdy garden table or on the ground. It is lighter than the ESSE, so easier to move around. When run correctly the flame is virtually smoke free.

Included: Charcoal scraper, Gloves (colour may vary), Tote bag, Recipe booklet, Instructions.

The Greenway Tawi is made in the UK, by DEP Engineering, Stourport; from British steel.


  • Firebox, chimney: 3mm steel plate.
  • Hotplate: 4mm steel plate.
  • Stand: painted oak.
  • Suitable for use with dry wood only.
  • Surface treatment: heat resistant paint.

Dimensions and weight

  • Total height: 42cm.
  • Total length: 77cm.
  • Total width: 23cm.
  • Weight: 11kg


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