with the Tawi Stove

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No more waiting 40 minutes for coals to heat up! With the Tawi stove, simply light the twigs and you’re ready to go. 

As soon as it's lit you're ready to cook

Multiple cooking surfaces are


The Tawi stove has four cooking surfaces: The Gas Burner at the top, the Boiling Plate at the front, the Warmer Plate at the rear and the Toasting Grill below. Each surface has a different average temperature, giving you a huge range of foods which can be cooked at the same time. 

The Tawi Stove is virtually

Smoke Free

The Tawi stove converts small sticks into wood-gas and biochar using a process called pyrolysis. It is so efficient that the burn is practically smoke free. This makes for a much healthier, more environmentally friendly and enjoyable barbecue. 

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Buy your own Tawi Stove to begin carbon negative cooking at your home. 

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