We are Carbon Farmers, a not-for-profit organisation hoping to spread small scale carbon capture and easy water filtration to as many people as possible.

The Tawi Stove

The perfect eco-friendly alternative to a traditional charcoal barbecue. It runs off waste sticks and twigs, producing enough heat to cook an entire meal.

Both the ESSE and the Greenway models operate in the same way, with slightly different features and asthetics.

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The Brasha Tawi

This prototype is the first of our new Brasha Tawis. Designed to burn a larger amount of waste wood, it burns any trimmings with minimal processing. 

It can be scaled as required so that whatever waste wood your have can be turned into biochar and the carbon captured. 

It is continuous burn, so you can run it for a few hours at a time to process all your waste wood as effectively as possible. 

The Brasha Tawi will be available very soon, please contact us if you are interested. 

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