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The only Carbon Negative, continuous burn, outdoor stove specifically designed for use in a learning environment.


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(The Social Tawi and Forest Tawi are Registered Designs)


The Forest Tawi Stove package is intended for use as a learning aid. It comes with teaching suggestions and practical experiments which will allow students to explore the numerous ways fire and charcoal have been used by humankind over the millennia.  These suggestions are sent out as activity sheets in PDF format.

The Forest Tawi can be taken apart quickly and flat packed into its own water tank. This makes it easy to store and transport. After use the stove cools down and can be packed away within 20 minutes.

The Forest Tawi is not just an educational tool; with three cooking surfaces it is a consummate outdoor stove capable of catering for large groups. Unlike other charcoal making stoves it can be run continuously. When operated correctly, the fire does not produce sparks and the flame is virtually smoke free. The fuel is brash, hedge trimmings and other dry waste wood. The hotplate and chimney front can be removed in seconds to convert the Forest Tawi into a fire-trough. This allows your students to enjoy a more traditional open fire; perfect if they want to toast some marshmallows!

Included extras: Gloves (colour may vary), Tote bag, 10 PDF activity sheets, Carbonating tin, Charcoal crayon making tin, 25 porous bags to make deodorizers, Instructions, starter bundle of wood, fire lighters and a pair of pliers. The Activity Sheets will be emailed to you as a PDF file.


The Forest Tawi is made in the UK by DEP Engineering, Stourport.


  • Firebox, chimney: 2mm steel plate.
  • Hotplate: 4mm steel plate.
  • Suitable for use with dry wood only.
  • Surface treatment: heat resistant paint.

Dimensions and weight (assembled)

  • Total height: 54cm.
  • Total length: 65cm. (approximately)
  • Total width: 32.5cm.
  • Weight: 12kg


2 reviews for Forest Tawi Stove

  1. Rachel Boyd-Moss

    Carbon Farmers is working closely with several innovative forest school providers to make sure that the Forest Tawi realizes its potential as a valuable learning aid. The below is from Children of the Forest’s Facebook page.

    ‘Podcast listeners are already asking, so here it is. This is our incredible new stove from Carbon Farmers! @carbonfarmers Carbon Farmers World. This is incredible. It’s got 3 cooking spots, uses fuel so efficiently, makes pack down a breeze with the water bucket beneath AND it’s simple enough to be set up and operated by our kids! We are having a blast with it and would definitely send anyone working in outdoor Ed or forest school sessions on school sites to to check them out for themselves!’

  2. Rachel Boyd-Moss

    From Children of the Forest.

    I am already excited to provide an enthusiastic endorsement for the Tawi stove on our podcast,
    highlighting the following key points:
    1. Efficiency: The stove’s design ensures that no heat or energy is wasted, unlike traditional
    campfires where heat disperses in all directions.
    2. Ease of use: Compared to other fire lays and firepit designs, having a stove like this on a school
    site would significantly reduce the time and effort required to start a quick fire for hot beverages or
    similar welfare snacks.
    3. Multiple cooking spots: We were able to boil a kettle on the chimney, cook lemon curd on the top
    plate, and grill crumpets, all from a single fire!
    4. Water and cool down speed: The stove cools down rapidly, allowing for easy cleanup and packing
    away. This feature is invaluable when working in schools, as it eliminates the need to douse hot
    firepits with water (which can cause temperature shock) or wait for them to cool down naturally
    before packing up. The Tawi stove’s design enables us to push everything into the water at the back,
    making the risk assessment process much more manageable.

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