Social Tawi Stove


The only Carbon Negative, continuous burn, outdoor stove.

Our versatile Social Tawi is the ecologically friendly way to cook outdoors with family and friends.

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(The Social Tawi and Forest Tawi are Registered Designs)


The Social Tawi Stove is designed for use when entertaining larger gatherings. Like all our stoves the Social Tawi makes useful porous charcoal / biochar.  The three cooking surfaces can accommodate large pots, pans and oven trays. The front hotplate and grill operate at very high temperatures; around 400oC. The unique inclusion of a water tank in the design means the Social Tawi and the Forest Tawi  are the only charcoal making stoves which can operate continuously. Like all our stoves, when run correctly the flame is virtually smoke free. It also burns dry brash, hedge trimmings and other waste wood. The hotplate and chimney front can be removed in seconds to convert the Social Tawi into a fire-trough. This allows you to enjoy a more traditional open fire; perfect if you want to toast some marshmallows!

Gloves (colour may vary), Tote bag, Recipe booklet, Instructions, starter bundle of wood, fire lighters and a pair of pliers.


The Social Tawi is made in the UK by DEP Engineering, Stourport.


  • Firebox, chimney: 2mm steel plate.
  • Hotplate: 4mm steel plate.
  • Suitable for use with dry wood only.
  • Surface treatment: heat resistant paint.

Dimensions and weight (assembled)

  • Total height: 54cm.
  • Total length: 65cm. (approximately)
  • Total width: 32.5cm.
  • Weight: 12kg



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